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An Overview of Commercial Sales Agreements in Manhattan

nyc-commercial-real-estate-lawyer-01A commercial sales agreement is a vital part of closing the property transaction. The agreement acts as a map of the entire understanding. A correctly negotiated sales agreement will address concerns that occur between actions due to the fact that the deal continues at closing and exchange of the title.

The Importance of Working with a Commercial Real Estate Attorney

Due to major investments made when engaging in a Manhattan commercial sales transaction, it is important to make sure that you are using the right commercial sales agreement form. A real estate attorney is vital in this situation, as he or she can draft and file the legally-binding documents while keeping you apprised of concerns all the way through closing.

When developing a commercial sales contract in New York, there are many documents that must be made, up-front, to the seller before he or she buys the home, including lead paint disclosures, promissory notes, power of attorney, and other relevant items. A licensed real estate attorney for commercial sales in Manhattan will be able to help you with this part.

What is a Commercial Sales Agreement?

lawyer-for-nyc-commercial-lease-agreement-02Commercial sales agreements are sales contracts to acquire commercial property. It can also be referred to as a “contract for deed” or land agreement. The purchaser usually obtains a commercial mortgage and repays the bank in installments on the note. There are other types of financial instruments and strategies that are used for the procurement of commercial real estate from another party.

Since commercial investments have large capital requirements to fulfill, owners may offer a lease sales agreement, where the purchaser makes payment to the owner as agreed to in the contract. It’s along the lines of “rent-to-own,” only for the commercial landscape. The owner might also offer this to a buyer if he or she could not get approved from a mortgage with a commercial bank.

What Are Letters of Intent?

attorney-for-letter-of-intent-commercial-property-nyc-03A letter of intent is described as an initial offer that mentions the principal phases for a final written offer of purchase and sale. If the letter of intent comprises the important phrases and situations considered, the court can state that the letter of intent is a binding agreement.

It has been held that the reality of the letter of intent is not binding and is simply a “jumping off point” to agree on preliminary discussions and work out the details in good faith and fair dealing.

What Does It mean to ‘Make an Offer’ on Commercial Real Estate?

A proposal is needed to acquire an offer. It needs to be crafted uniquely for the property desired, its purchase value, the date of closing, and other events deemed appropriate. Individuals, who can agree to a proposal, is up to the seller, not the buyer. Nothing is considered to be a binding agreement until completion of the entire transaction.

If you have found yourself need legal or professional counsel in matters of commercial real estate, speaking a real estate attorney for commercial sales in Manhattan.

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