How Much Do Real Estate Lawyers Charge?

real estate Just like every case may vary from one another, similarly, the price would also differ from lawyer to lawyer. An experienced real estate lawyer with a larger success rate than others will charge you more for a case rather than a new one. It also depends on how complicated your case is and how long it takes for it to resolve.

However, here are some general prices for real estate lawyers. Keep in mind that these can vary and may not always be the case once you present your property information to them. In such cases, it is better to negotiate the price before settling down so that you can avoid future hassles.

1. Real Estate Lawyer for a Residential Purchase:

The amount you spent in total will be around $1000. The fees for the lawyer will be $595 while the HST will cost your around $80. Last but not the least the disbursement will cost you around $300. The overall price can vary once the lawyer see’s your case and once he or she does, you can decide the price along with them.

2. Real Estate Lawyer for a Residential Sale:

real estateThe overall fee for a real estate attorney handling a residential sale range from $800 to $900. The fee for the lawyer is $500, and the HST comes around $70. The disbursement will cost you around $250. There is a registration cost that adds to the overall cost which can range from $60 to $75.

3. Real Estate Lawyer Handling Mortgage:

The overall cost of hiring a lawyer for a mortgage will be around $700. The fee for the lawyer depends on the complexity of the mortgage case, but the average comes around $500. The HST will cost around $55 and the disbursement costs around $230. Furthermore, you will also need insurance which will cost you around $160, but this is outside of the lawyer costs. However, you always have the option of letting your lawyer handle such cases.

4. Real Estate Lawyer for Handling Land Transfer Tax:

real estateA real estate lawyer handling a land transfer case will charge you against the value of the land tax. If the value of the land tax is $55000, the lawyer will charge you 0.5 percent of that. If the value of the land transfer tax is between %55000 and $250000, the lawyer will charge you 1 percent of that. If in any case, the value exceeds $250000, the lawyer will charge you 1.5 percent and so on. The more experienced lawyers will ask for greater rates than the ones mentioned above. You have to be willing to negotiate the price accordingly with the lawyer, so you do not lose out on a lot, and the lawyer has some motivation to handle your case.

Bottom Line

Research on the lawyer you need and once you find the right one, make sure you pay him or her enough according to their qualifications. Some might trick you into giving them more money, but in the end, it’s the quality of service that matters.

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