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Putting Our Client’s Interests Above All Others At the law offices of David J. Aronstam, we specialize in all types of commercial, residential & corporate real estate law. Since 1992, we have delivered the highest quality legal services to clients from all over the country. We also have decades of experience in all areas of… Continue Reading

PRACTICE AREAS: Residential Real Estate Transactions Commercial Real Estate Transactions Corporate Litigation Commercial Litigation Real Estate Litigation Matrimonial Litigation Surrogate’s Court Litigation Family Law Trust & Estate Administration Attorney-Client Issues Business Law Continue Reading

Purchasing a home in New York State

Purchasing a home in New York State is as popular as ever. The allure of Niagara Falls, the call of the Adirondacks, and the siren scream of the big city continue to draw people even as prices drive out some residents. Finding a home in the seller’s market is difficult. The law office of David… Continue Reading

2019 Home Value Trends in New York

For those wondering what the 2019 Home Value Trends in New York are, the big apple differs drastically from the rest of the state. While the city is in the throughs of a major downturn, prices and demand across the state remains strong. Even in New York City, prices in Manhattan hover near $1 million with… Continue Reading

Should You Buy or Rent an Office in Manhattan?

Deciding whether to buy or rent an office in Manhattan is not made by a “one-size-fits-all” perspective. You have to determine square footage, cost, future growth, space for employees, and industry needs. Also, you have to know your position and if you have the capital to buy a place of your own. Location is crucial.… Continue Reading

5 Negotiation Tips for Store Leases in Manhattan

What are some good negotiation tips for store leases in manhattan? Getting into a new storefront rental can be an exciting and stressful time. On one hand, it’s fun to imagine the purpose for each space; on the other, it can be frustrating to work out the lease agreement after finding the perfect location. Negotiation… Continue Reading

Experienced NYC Real Estate Attorney for Signing a Store Lease

Differences between Short-Term and Long-Term Store Leases in Manhattan Deciding between a short-term and long-term lease is a major decision. Each choice carries its own benefits and drawbacks. Long-term leases on stores are common in the real estate arena. Property owners try to work out leases of 20 years or more, primarily to control their… Continue Reading

NYC Real Estate Attorney to Represent Banks

Why Restaurant Franchise Lending Could Be Good for Your NYC Bank Historically, banks have actually been averse to lending capital to restaurants. This has changed considerably. Contributing factors include differences between the restaurant and franchise sectors. Yet, it is still considered to be restaurant financing by banks in general. Our real estate attorneys to represent… Continue Reading

Get the Lowest Closing Costs on Buying a NYC Apartment

Buyer’s Guide to Lowering Closing Costs on an Apartment in Manhattan Closing costs are the final barrier between buyers and an apartment purchase. It can make up a surprising portion of the total expense. Closing costs are in between 3% and 6% of the mortgage; that’s about $27,000 to $54,000 on a $900,000 apartment in… Continue Reading

Real Estate Attorney for Buying a Manhattan Apartment

Why You Should Hire A Real Estate Lawyer when Buying an Apartment in Manhattan One of the most commonly misconstrued topics around buying an apartment in Manhattan is knowing when it’s a good time to introduce a real estate attorney in the process. The short answer: at any time. However, there is more opportunity when… Continue Reading

Attorney for Medical Office Lease Manhattan

What Should A Medical Office Know about Leases in Manhattan? Private practice doctors in Manhattan are confronted with a competitive commercial real estate landscape when it comes to finding the right location. Then, he or she needs a lease agreement that covers the practice’s specific needs. In this article we are going to take a… Continue Reading