Legal Issues Realtors Usually Face

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In the world of real estate, you need to watch out for the problems you might face. Many real estate agents nowadays face lawsuits for crimes they do not mean to commit. Lack of information about the industry as well as customer mistrust can lead to disastrous outcomes for a realtor. In such a case, it is always best to get advice from someone with more experience than you on the job.

They will teach you the tips and tricks into becoming the best real estate agent in the area, but before that, you need to memorize the land laws of your country. You need to learn to analyze them and if possible, find loopholes through which you can guide your clients and not get caught. That, in simple words, is committing career suicide.

Here are some of the legal issues you need to watch out for as you have a great chance of facing them. Being ready can help you handle the situation correctly and improvise a solution.

1.    Misrepresentation Is a Big Issue

real estate lawyerIt is important to understand what your employer wants carefully. Misrepresentation is a leading cause of many law suits against realtors simply because they do not represent the employer’s interests adequately. You might feel it is okay to get a little bit of extra cash out of their pockets for the time being, but once the employer catches a glimpse of what you are trying to do, it’s game over. You may face charges for theft of money or worse. Keep your head in the game and be loyal to your employer.

2.    Fair Housing

This issue does not entirely concern you as it has more to do with the buyer and sellers. Fair housing laws dictate that there should be no discrimination amongst buyers and sellers. If a gay or transgender person wants to buy or sell a house, either party should not have any problems. Many new cases brought in the light suggest that sellers sometimes put discriminatory demands online that violate the laws. As a realtor, make sure you advise your client to not put in such demands as they might get them a law suit.

3.    Antitrust Law

These laws are put up to protect the rights of the citizens of the country. If you found price fixing so that you can fill up your own pockets, you are indulging in a serious crime that is punishable by the states law. That not only takes your credibility as a realtor but also goes against your code of ethics. Another case revolves around online advertisements where you might not have the license to do so but may indulge in the action anyway.

Bottom Line

As a new realtor, you will face countless problems like the ones mentioned above. It is important to uphold your client’s trust as that will allow you to expand your business further. They will surely recommend you to their friends or relatives upon a satisfactory service.

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