Questions You Should Ask a Real Estate Lawyer before Hiring

Questions You Should Ask a Real Estate Lawyer before HiringWhile good real estate lawyers are easy to come by, if it is your first time hiring one, you will naturally be a bit hesitant. Since you do not know the lawyer properly or have any prior experience with them, you cannot really tell if the lawyer will be helpful. Other than that, no prior experience also means that you are not aware of how things are going to take shape.

Setting up an interview with the lawyer is an essential part of hiring his counsel. During the interview, you need to develop questions that may give you an insight about the lawyer regardless of your research. Here are 4 questions that you can ask your lawyer to know whether or not he is the right one.

1.    How long have you been practicing?

Knowing how many years of experience the lawyer has can determine how well the lawyer will respond to tough or complicated situations. If your case is slowly taking a turn towards the wrong end, an experienced lawyer will be able to turn things around. Generally, it is said that the more complicated a transaction is, the more seasoned you want your lawyer to be.

2.    Have you handled cases similar to mine?

While it is rare that your new attorney would have had a case similar to yours in his past, it is beneficial if you find a lawyer who has faced the same circumstances before. Choosing an attorney who has familiarized himself with a lot of different cases increases the probability that somewhere along the line, they had to represent someone in the same position as you. This can help in swift and easy transactions as well as save you time and money.

3.    Will anyone else be working on my case?

Questions You Should Ask a Real Estate Lawyer before HiringYour case might have personal information that you do not want anyone else to know. Ask your lawyer who else will be working with him and who else would have access to that information so that you can instruct him not to disclose anything to his partner. Ask about the fee structure if there are two lawyers of the same company.

4.    Can you provide references?

The more the references, the more credible the lawyer is. Good reviews and a good reputation mean the lawyer has a good personality and that he is indeed dedicated. This will help you find solutions to problems that are slightly tricky. A professional attorney will always have a list of references of other companies and clients on his website. You can even cross check those references by calling the clients and the company to confirm their experiences.

Bottom Line

Questions You Should Ask a Real Estate Lawyer before HiringAll in all, these are some important questions you should get answers to after narrowing a list of potential real estate attorney. You need someone who is experienced and professional.

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