What should I look for in a NY real estate lawyer?

Finding a NY real estate lawyer assures that your purchase goes smoothly. This is particularly crucial in New York where the market is heavily regulated. Underlying claims, regulations, and controls impact every residential or commercial transaction. David J Aronstam knows how to navigate the turbulent waters with over 35 years of experience.

What do real estate attorneys do?

Real estate attorneys specialize in matters related to property transactions. Disputes, documents, and competing claims are commonplace in the industry. Everything from the price of a home purchase to claims related to repairs are disputed.

A real estate lawyer commonly prepares closing documents. Businesses often do not have the time to work out every loophole. Even in the residential space, laws saddle buyers with the task of ensuring the title.

We prepare the documents and offer representation when disputes grow beyond the capacity of either party. Landlords, tenants, and property owners have rights and should know how to exercise them.

How does New York regulate the real estate market?

New York is a complicated state. Lush forests and the Adirondack Mountains stand in stark contrast to one of the world’s largest municipalities. The needs of the purchaser and seller must be balanced within this environment.

The state provides a baseline which cities expand upon. Landlords must meet a standard of livability. Hot water must be available 365 days per year. Cutting of utilities is illegal as they fall under what is considered safe and livable. It is also illegal to simply evict a tenant in the city.

Contract law establishes rights to ownership. It is important to have a solid contract in place as the state follows the four corners rule. When a document is clear and complete, then the court throws out claims of a verbal contract.

New York City regulations

Our state’s cities are vibrant. Over ten million people choose to live in New York City. This leads to high rent prices and accompanying issues. Tenants have rights.

New York City goes one step beyond the state standard. Rent control may or may not impact what landlords charge. If an apartment becomes vacant, it becomes rent stabilized or dropped from regulation altogether.

Ordinances place limits on what a tenant can pay in certain situations. They attempted to limit skyrocketing prices. Apartments built between 1947 and 1974 fall under this scrutiny.

Our state’s largest city is not the only participant in these programs. Albany and Buffalo also regulate certain buildings.

Rent control and stabilization require a thorough understanding of your building and the law. Our team of lawyers works to assure that your rent falls within the confines of the law.

What should I look for in a NY real estate lawyer?

With the effects of high rent, high demand, and tenants’ rights, a New York real estate attorney needs to be well versed in the laws affecting commercial, industrial, and residential properties.

The Law Offices of David J Aronstam provides a needed intermediary when situations start to get out of control. Our attorneys look to resolve issues positively without damaging the reputation of either party.

Real estate law in New York is complicated. The state provides a base which cities and towns expand on. Our law offices ensure that your rights as a landlord, tenant, or property owner are maintained.

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