Why You Should Hire A Real Estate Lawyer Rather Than An Agent For Buying Or Selling A Home?

We live in a digital age – an era of information, you can quickly type anything and read different articles and blogs about products and services. Thanks groundbreaking information technologies millions of people gain information sitting comfortable at home. Before this, people had to travel to the related places to acquire information on different services and products.

Real Estate Lawyer or Agent?

Similarly, this digital age has also opened up a variety of platform where people can buy and sell their properties on their own and without a middleman. If you have the knowledge and the right type of information specific to real estate, you can completely drop the idea of hiring a realtor and save tons of money. There are websites online that give information on the land you want to acquire and all you have to do is search for them.

real estate lawyerHowever, you have to understand that when it comes to buying a house or a commercial property there are a lot of people that can swindle and con you out of a good deal. This is essentially where you need a bit of specialised backup to stay insured against any complication like this.
That is the reason why buyers and sellers now prefer real estate lawyers over realtors. Skipping the part of hiring an agent helps save them thousands on a real estate deal. That might not seem much now, but once you get to that step, you will realize the amount of money you will save.

Why are Lawyers better?

real estate lawyerLawyers are way better in the sense that they do not extend your search period for a house. They simply facilitate the legal requirements and ensure that your rights are being met once you make a purchase. In addition, lawyers can recognize any discrepancies in the documents before you are made to sign them. This way you can feel reassured your dealings are legitimate and you will not be facing any problems in the near future.


A real estate agent’s main job is to help determine the market value of a home and thereby conducting deals on your behalf. With websites like Zillow and Surefield, you can find tools that will assist you with value determination for free.

real estate

A lawyer is also useful while you review the property. You or an agent might not be as quick to identify the possible downsides of a purchase, but a lawyer’s expertise will surely help you find an amazing deal. Even while you are negotiating and renegotiating a deal, you will find that there will always be a difference of opinion between a lawyer and an agent.

Bottom Line

Putting it quite simply, it is better for you to search a home on your own instead of wasting money on an agent. Once you do, you can easily hire an attorney to handle all the legal work. This will cost you far less and will also save you time. The most a real estate lawyer can cost is around $2,500 to $3,000.

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